A large continent with large mountain ranges and low plains. The middle and upper portions of the continent have warmer climates, while the souther portion can be very warm.

Regions of Vivenvale
  • Southern Vivenvale
    A temperate land comprised of multiple forests and plains. Most civilizations of the continent call this region home, such as humans, halflings, elves, dwarves, trolls, and Lupin.
  • The Decadence Mountains
    A huge mountain range cutting through the middle of the continent horizontally. The mountain range is so large, it defines the climates of the continent. Though a very treacherous place to live, many creatures still do so, such as orcs, giants, goblins, and Goatmen.
  • Northern Vivenvale
    A large, chilly area composed of alpine forests and hills, as well as tundra in the northern most reaches. While largely uninhabited, many communities still find a home here, including humans, dwarves, trolls, orcs, and Urskan.
Civilizations of Vivenvale

There are many different civilizations on the continent of Vivenvale. Humans are the most dominant species, followed by Dwarves in a wide second. Communities of elves, halflings, orcs, trolls, Urskan, and Lupin all call this continent home as well.

Major Nations

Independent Communities

  • Targus
    A slaver, black market city where evil runs rampant.
  • Timberfall
    An independent logging and mining community in north Vivenvale run by an elected Governor.
  • The Crossroads
    A huge trading community city run by a strict bureaucracy.
Notable Organizations in Vivenvale

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