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  • Vivenvale

    A large continent with large mountain ranges and low plains. The middle and upper portions of the continent have warmer climates, while the souther portion can be very warm. |_. Regions of Vivenvale| * [[Southern Vivenvale]] A temperate land …

  • Kael'Gamora

    Kael'Gamora is the only, but very large nonetheless, Dwarven city in [[Vivenvale]]. It's single entrance is through a large iron door on the side of a very thick mountain. It's here that most of the Dwarves of Vivenvale reside, as well as a strong …

  • Oakshire

    Large Town: Conventional; AL NG; 3,000 gp limit; Assets 154,000 gp; Population 4,650; Mixed (75% human, 9% halfling, 8% dwarf, 5% gnome; 3% other) Oakshire is a large farming commonwealth under the rule of the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]]. They grow a …

  • The Decadence Mountains

    The Decadence Mountains are a large chain of mountains found in [[Vivenvale]]. The peaks split through the center of the continent, and affect the climate of the region noticeably; to the north it is snowy and cold with tundra and ice being found in the …

  • Timberfall

    Timberfall is a city in north eastern [[Vivenvale]]. The city is ruled by a democratically elected Governor, and is not a part of any kingdom or nation. |_. History| Timberfall was originally under the rulership of the Fray Sovereignty from its …

  • Fields of Sorrow

    The Fields of Sorrow are a vast stretch of low lying plains in the southern-center of [[Vivenvale]]. It is so named for [[The Sorrowful War]] which took place many centuries ago on it's soil. Despite the rather unpleasant name, and the fact a bloody war …

  • Renfall

    Renfall is a continent in the southern hemisphere of Armothos. It is home to the [[Renfall Elves]] and [[The Buldark | The Dwarven Buldark]], as well as a wide variety of other races. The continent is divided by the [[Forlorn Mountains]], with a large …

  • The Buldark

    The Dwarven Buldark is a large city/island off the southern coast of [[Renfall]]. The Buldark is the largest Dwarven community in all of Armothos. The Buldark loosely means "city stronghold/fortress" in Dwarven tongue. |_. History| The founders of …

  • Dardin Gulf

    The Dardin Gulf is a body of water located in the north east portion of [[Vivenvale]]. From it flows the mighty [[Kazarkan River]]. Located within the gulf is the city of [[Fray Keep]], an island ruled by the [[Fray Sovereignty]]. The towns of [[Dardin]] …

  • Kyndale

    Kyndale is a quiet town in [[Vivenvale]] under the rule of the [[Nation of Arcandia]]. Kyndale is situated on the banks of [[Wyrmling Pond]]. A rather notorious tavern in the area, The [[Cloak and Dagger]] has been an attraction in Kyndale for many shady …

  • Snowhill Downs

    Snowhill Downs is a vast, frigid area just north of [[The Decadence Mountains]]. [[The Crystal River]] cuts through the area, and joins the [[Kazarkan River]] south of the mountains. [[Frorvale]] is situated on the east side of the river, next to a small …

  • Frorvale

    Frorvale is a small mining and logging community located in [[Snowhill Downs]]. The town itself is situated on the east side of the [[Crystal River]], and is very close to [[Snowhill Lake]]. The town is ruled over by the [[Fray Sovereignty]]. The [[ …

  • Bellasee

    Metropolis: Conventional/Magical; AL LN; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 136,670,000 gp; Population 30,334; Mixed (73% human, 6% dwarf, 5% gnome, 5% halfling, 4% elf, 2% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 4% other). The city of Bellasee is a large, mostly human city …

  • Falenshire

    Falenshire is a halfling community located in the [[Fields of Sorrow]]. It is here that most of the [[Vivenvale]] halflings who have given up their nomadic lifestyle live.

  • Winterhedge

    Winterhedge is a average sized town within the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]] in [[Vivenvale]]. It is located east of [[Bellasee]], and south of [[Oakshire]]. The [[Winterhedge Dam]] provides a bridge over the [[Kazarkan River]], which the town lies to the east …

  • The Crossroads

    Large City: Conventional; AL LN; 60,000 gp limit; Assets 56,040,000 gp; Population 18,680; Mixed (70% human, 10% elf, 8% halfling, 7% dwarf, 2% gnome, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 1% other). The Crossroads is a huge trade hub city in [[Vivenvale]]. It is …

  • Dardin

    Dardin is a town in north east [[Vivenvale]] under the rule of the [[Fray Sovereignty]]. It is here that most of the food and other various goods for the sovereignty are made. It is a very oppressive place, with brutal guards everywhere and corrupt …

  • Targus

    Small City: AL NE; 25,000 gp limit; Assets 13,101,250 gp; Population 10,481; Mixed (37% goblinoid, 22% orc, 10% troll, 7% human, 6% dwarf, 18% other). Targus is a notorious slaver city located in the east [[The Decadence Mountains | Decadence Mountains …

  • Tarnwood

    Tarnwood is a village under the rule of the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]] in [[Vivenvale]]. It is located where the [[Bellasee Forest]] ends and where the [[Fields of Sorrow]] begin. Gnolls have always been a nuisance to the people of Tarnwood.

  • The Ice Lands

    The Ice Lands are a sprawling, ice-covered area of frozen desert in the north eastern portion of [[Vivenvale]]. Due to the harsh climate, the Ice Lands are largely uninhabited. However, a few different creatures who can survive the frigid wasteland call …

  • Ulthor

    Village: Conventional; AL NG; 200 gp limit; Assets 36,000 gp; Population 857; Isolated (100% Urskan) Ulthor is a [[Urskan]] village near [[The Frosted Hills]] in north [[Vivenvale]]. It is ruled by a council of wise urskan elders. The villagers tend to …

  • The Frosted Hills

    The Frosted Hills are a frigid, cold tundra in northern [[Vivenvale]]. It is located north east to [[Snowhill Downs]]. The [[Urskan]] town of [[Ulthor]] is located in this region. To the north east lies [[The Ice Lands]], which are even colder than the …

  • Or'Mok

    Or'Mok is a large island that consists mainly of thick jungle. The closest land to Or'Mok is [[Genosa]], which is by no means close, but that has not stopped the Orks from invading from time to time. |_. Ecology of Or'Mok| The intelligent population …

  • Renfall Underground

    The Renfall Underground is a massive subterranean cave system in the continent of [[Renfall]]. Many explorers and experts theorize that one may be able to travel from one corner of the continent to another, assuming one knew their way around. They …

  • Cinnabar Island

    Cinnabar Island is a island off the north eastern coast in [[Renfall]]. The land is inhabited by humans and [[tortle | Tortles]]. The Tortle city of [[Terrapolis]] is located a few miles away.

  • Jungles of Renfall

    The Jungles of Renfall is a vast jungle in eastern [[Renfall]]. Specific Areas: * [[Feral Labyrinth]] * [[Savage Coast]] [[Main Page | Back To Main Page]]

  • Feral Labyrinth

    The Feral Labyrinth is a particularly wild, and mostly uncharted area of jungle within the [[Jungles of Renfall]].

  • Fray Keep

    Large City: Conventional; AL LE; 40,000 gp limit; Assets 42,554,000 gp; Population 12,270; Isolated (96% human, 3% halfling, 1% other). Fray Keep is the capital of the [[Fray Sovereignty]]. It is a medium sized island off the coast of east [[Vivenvale …

  • Cloak and Dagger

    The Cloak and Dagger is a popular tavern in [[Kyndale]]. There are rumors of the tavern being associated with a thieves guild.

  • Arcandian Forest

    The Arcandian Forest is a large temperate forest east of [[Arcandia]] in [[Vivenvale]]. Here, the [[Arcandian Elves]] live amongst the forest in the city of [[Moonvale]].

  • Edgehurst

    Edgehurst is a bayou town located in the western part of the [[Bellasee Swamp]].

  • Wyrmwood

    Wyrmwood is a small town near the east coast of the [[Great Wyrm Lake]] in [[Vivenvale]].

  • Ash Point

    Ash Point is a average sized community on the coast of north east [[Vivenvale]], on the eastern size of the [[Dardin Gulf]]. It is ruled over by the [[Nation of Arcandia]].

  • Stone Beach

    Stone Beach is a long strip of sandy coast running along the eastern edge of [[Vivenvale]]. It is among one of the largest beaches in the world. It is so named for the large stones that are scattered throughout the shore.

  • The Abhorrent Cliffs

    The Abhorrent Cliffs are a series of jagged cliffs in the western part of [[The Decadence Mountains]]. It is a dangerous place, and one untrained for navigating the area will find themselves falling hundreds of feet below to the rocky depths.

  • Winterhedge Dam

    Winterhedge Dam is a large dam constructed on the [[Kazarkan River]] where it flows through the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]] in south west [[Vivenvale]].

  • The Crystal River

    The Crystal River is a cold, icy river that flows from the northern center of [[Vivenvale]] down into [[The Decadence Mountains]], eventually meeting up with the [[Kazarkan River]]. Though extremely chilly in the water, it does not often freeze but during …

  • Violet Basin

    The Violet Basin is a large basin in east [[Vivenvale]] within the [[Fields of Sorrow]], not far from [[Wyrmwood]] or [[Kyndale]]. It is a large, open plain filled with a wide variety of different flowers and plants. It is named for how intensely colored …

  • Bellasee Forest

    The Bellasee Forest begins where the [[Bellasee Swamp]] ends. The vast forest surrounds much of the outside swamp. [[Tarnwood]] rests here among the forest. The [[Lupin]] town of [[Hof]] is also located in the forest.

  • Iron Cliffs

    The Iron Cliffs are a chain of grey cliffs along the south eastern edge of [[Vivenvale]]. The Dwarven town of [[Ironthal]] rests along the cliff.

  • Forlorn Mountains

    The Forlorn Mountains are a large chain of mountains in [[Renfall]]. They are located from the west center of the continent to the south east. |_. Climate| The Forlorn Mountains affect the climate of the region greatly. While on one side of the …

  • Renfall Wasteland

    The Renfall Wasteland is a large, vast desert in south west [[Renfall]]. It is among one of the largest wastelands in all Armothos. Several ancient ruins can be found among the sands, some even buried far beneath. |_. Ecology| Though a wasteland, …

  • Snowhill Lake

    Snowhill is a small freshwater lake located within [[Snowhill Downs]]. On the banks of the lake, the town of [[Frorvale]] sits.

  • Moonvale

    Small City: Conventional; AL CG; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 6,996,000 gp; Population 16,598; Isolated (97% elf, 2% halfling, 1% other). Moonvale is an elvish city located within the [[Arcandian Forest]] in eastern [[Vivenvale]]. It is the largest elvish …

  • Hof

    Small Town: Conventional; AL NG; 800 gp limit; Assets 56,000 gp; Population 2,350; Isolated (100% Lupin) Hof is a small [[Lupin]] town located within the [[Bellasee Forest]] in southern [[Vivenvale]].

  • Stone Collective

    The Stone Collective is a group of Stone Giant clans that live amongst each other in the south western part of [[The Decadence Mountains]] in [[Vivenvale]]. They are a very shy people, and, though peaceful, rarely communicate with other species.

  • The Glass Sea

    The Glass Sea is an area in the [[Renfall Wasteland]] where the heat is so hot that the surface sand in the area has been literally baked into glass. The glass in the sea can vary greatly; some areas can have a layer of glass ranging in thickness from 10 …

  • Utandias

    Utandias is the only peaceful civilized community in the [[Renfall Underground]].

  • Diamond Fjord

    The Diamond Fjord is a huge fjord in [[The Decadence Mountains]] where the [[Kazarkan River]] cuts through the mountains.

  • Great Wyrm Lake

    Great Wyrm Lake is a massive fresh water lake leaning towards east [[Vivenvale]]. Many legends and myths involve the Great Wyrm Lake, with one of the more prominent stories being about a large serpent that lives in the lake.

  • Silver Cliffs

    The Silver Cliffs are a series of cliffs that run along the south eastern edge of [[Vivenvale]], deep in the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]]. They are named for the metallic grey color they exhibit in sunlight. There is no actual silver in the cliffs, however.

  • Wyrmling Pond

    Wyrmling Pond is a average sized lake in [[Vivenvale]]. Despite it's name, it is no small lake; it simply gets its name because its nearby bigger brother, [[Great Wyrm Lake]], is easily four times Wyrmling's size.

  • Hammerblow

    Hammerblow is a dwarf city located in the western part of [[The Decadence Mountains]] in [[Vivenvale]].

  • Arkham

    Arkham is a large city in the northern country in the [[Nation of Arcalloch]] in east [[Vivenvale]]. The city was founded on the ideas of coexistence between science and the arcane, and the betterment of civilized man. The city has an infamous history …

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