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  • Oakshire

    Large Town: Conventional; AL NG; 3,000 gp limit; Assets 154,000 gp; Population 4,650; Mixed (75% human, 9% halfling, 8% dwarf, 5% gnome; 3% other) Oakshire is a large farming commonwealth under the rule of the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]]. They grow a …

  • Kyndale

    Kyndale is a quiet town in [[Vivenvale]] under the rule of the [[Nation of Arcandia]]. Kyndale is situated on the banks of [[Wyrmling Pond]]. A rather notorious tavern in the area, The [[Cloak and Dagger]] has been an attraction in Kyndale for many shady …

  • Frorvale

    Frorvale is a small mining and logging community located in [[Snowhill Downs]]. The town itself is situated on the east side of the [[Crystal River]], and is very close to [[Snowhill Lake]]. The town is ruled over by the [[Fray Sovereignty]]. The [[ …

  • Falenshire

    Falenshire is a halfling community located in the [[Fields of Sorrow]]. It is here that most of the [[Vivenvale]] halflings who have given up their nomadic lifestyle live.

  • Winterhedge

    Winterhedge is a average sized town within the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]] in [[Vivenvale]]. It is located east of [[Bellasee]], and south of [[Oakshire]]. The [[Winterhedge Dam]] provides a bridge over the [[Kazarkan River]], which the town lies to the east …

  • Dardin

    Dardin is a town in north east [[Vivenvale]] under the rule of the [[Fray Sovereignty]]. It is here that most of the food and other various goods for the sovereignty are made. It is a very oppressive place, with brutal guards everywhere and corrupt …

  • Tarnwood

    Tarnwood is a village under the rule of the [[Kingdom of Bellasee]] in [[Vivenvale]]. It is located where the [[Bellasee Forest]] ends and where the [[Fields of Sorrow]] begin. Gnolls have always been a nuisance to the people of Tarnwood.

  • Ulthor

    Village: Conventional; AL NG; 200 gp limit; Assets 36,000 gp; Population 857; Isolated (100% Urskan) Ulthor is a [[Urskan]] village near [[The Frosted Hills]] in north [[Vivenvale]]. It is ruled by a council of wise urskan elders. The villagers tend to …

  • Edgehurst

    Edgehurst is a bayou town located in the western part of the [[Bellasee Swamp]].

  • Wyrmwood

    Wyrmwood is a small town near the east coast of the [[Great Wyrm Lake]] in [[Vivenvale]].

  • Ash Point

    Ash Point is a average sized community on the coast of north east [[Vivenvale]], on the eastern size of the [[Dardin Gulf]]. It is ruled over by the [[Nation of Arcandia]].

  • Hof

    Small Town: Conventional; AL NG; 800 gp limit; Assets 56,000 gp; Population 2,350; Isolated (100% Lupin) Hof is a small [[Lupin]] town located within the [[Bellasee Forest]] in southern [[Vivenvale]].

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