Large Town: Conventional; AL NG; 3,000 gp limit; Assets 154,000 gp; Population 4,650; Mixed (75% human, 9% halfling, 8% dwarf, 5% gnome; 3% other)

Oakshire is a large farming commonwealth under the rule of the Kingdom of Bellasee. They grow a majority of the crops for the kingdom, including apples, corn, wheat, tobacco, and more. They also have a large number of livestock in the area, including ducks, cows, chickens, horses, sheep and goats.


Oakshire was originally under the rulership of the Fray Sovereignty from its foundation till The Sorrowful War, in which the Kingdom of Bellasee attempted to instigate rebellions in each out lying community against their tyrannical ruler. Oakshire, along with Timberfall, successfully revolted against their oppressors, and ultimately decided to join the Bellasee Kingdom.


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