Orcs of Or'Mok

The feral Orc tribes of Or’Mok are as brutal as they are numerous. The Orc tribes are constantly are warring with each other for dominance of the island. When one tribe gets too powerful, the weaker tribes have been known to ally themselves temporarily to overthrow the more powerful. Because of the warring, many tribes fall as quickly as they rise, and generally, most are wiped out. However, some exceptional tribes rise to great power and aren’t wiped out for decades, even centuries.

Differences between the orken and orcs

The Orcs here are slightly different than orcs from other parts of the world. While Orc societies tend to be at least somewhat civilized, war and violence dominates the entire existence of the Or’Mok Orcs. They tend to be bigger and stronger than regular orcs, as well as a little stupider.
Orcs from other parts of the world that know of the Or’Mok tribes call them Orks or Orken, rather than the standard Orcs and Orcish that other races know them by. Several scholars and scientists of other races also call them by this name, but very little research is possible on Or’Mok, due to the sheer violence contained in the island.

Notable Tribes

Orcs of Or'Mok

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