Sons of Chaos

“When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets”

The Sons of Chaos (Also referred to as SoC) are a lawless gang and crime syndicate of humans and dwarves who have a destructive, chaotic agenda, and are known for riding Steambikes. Members of the group often sport many tattoos, often covering most of the body, wear black leather jackets with multiple sewed on patches, and wear long, thick beards. The syndicate is heavily involved in widespread violence, drug dealing, trafficking stolen goods, extortion, and a plethora of other illegal activities.
Members of the group have been known to be notoriously racist. Members are required to be either human or dwarf, exceptions are only made for half-orcs. The group condemns elves, halflings, gnomes, and half-elves as inferior beings.


The history of the Sons of Chaos is shrouded in mystery and controversy, due in part to the fact that various individuals have been solely attributed to its founding, and also due in part to a very strict code of secrecy and what can be construed as a practice of deliberate mythologizing by some members of the club. Members don’t use last names, even with one another. They just use a first name, and, more often than not, a nickname. Due to its colorful history and the confirmed links of some of its members to organized crime, speculation and rumor about both the club’s history and activities are rife.
The group is believed to have came to be during the beginning of the Age of Steam, when steambikes were first introduced.

Organization & Leadership

The typical internal organization of the SoC consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, road captain, and sergeant-at-arms. Localized groups are called chapters, and the first chapter established for the SoC is referred to as the mother chapter. The president of the mother chapter serves as the president of the entire club, and sets club policy on a variety of issues.

The SoC acknowledges several chapters in its ranks, spread throughout the world. Wherever humans and dwarves live in close proximity, the SoC are bound to be among them.


The full requirements to be a Son of Chaos are the following: candidates must be male, either human or dwarf, must own a working steambike, and cannot have been a guard or law official in the past.

After a lengthy, phased process, a prospective member is first deemed to be a ‘Hang-around’, indicating that the individual is invited to some club events or to meet club members at known gathering places.

If the Hang-around is interested, he may be asked to become an ‘Associate’, a status that usually lasts a year or two. At the end of that stage, he is reclassified as ‘Prospect’, participating in some club activities, but not having voting privileges, while he is evaluated for suitability as a full member. The last phase, and highest membership status, is ‘Full Membership’ or “Full-Patch”.

To become a full member, the Prospect must be voted on by the rest of the full club members. Prior to votes being cast, a Prospect usually travels to every chapter in the sponsoring chapter’s geographic jurisdiction and introduces himself to every Full-Patch. This process allows each voting member to become familiar with the subject and to ask any questions of concern prior to the vote. Successful admission usually requires more than a simple majority, and some clubs may reject a Prospect for a single dissenting vote. Some form of formal induction follows, wherein the Prospect affirms his loyalty to the club and its members. The final logo patch is then awarded at this initiation ceremony. The step of attaining full membership can be referred to as “being patched”. Even after a member is patched-in the patches themselves remain the property of SoC rather than the member. On leaving the SoC, or being ejected, they must be returned to the club.

The SoC do not allow women to become full-patch members, rather, women are submissive to the men, treated as property, victimized by forcing them into prostitution or street level drug trafficking and are often physically and sexually abused. Any pay women receive is given to their individual men and sometimes to the entire club. Women’s roles as obedient followers, and their status as objects, make these groups extremely gender segregated

(Referenced and adapted from Wikipedia’s extensive articles on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs)
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Sons of Chaos

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