The Decadence Mountains

The Decadence Mountains are a large chain of mountains found in Vivenvale. The peaks split through the center of the continent, and affect the climate of the region noticeably; to the north it is snowy and cold with tundra and ice being found in the northern most regions, and to the south it is much warmer and covered in mostly temperate forests. The mountains are the largest found on the continent, with the highest being Mt Ida. The barbaric city of Targus is nestled in the eastern portion of the mountains.

Ecology of the Mountains

On the western most spot of the mountain the Abhorrent Cliffs, the home of the Ice Moon Orcs, can be found. White Dragons have been seen flying around the mountains and have been known to make their residence inside some of the higher peaks. In the south western range of mountains a community of stone giants can be found, called the Stone Collective.

Regions within the Mountains

The Decadence Mountains

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