Arkham is a large city in the northern country in the Nation of Arcalloch in east Vivenvale. The city was founded on the ideas of coexistence between science and the arcane, and the betterment of civilized man. The city has an infamous history with the occult.


The land around Arkham consists is mostly flat, with gently rolling hills. The climate relatively humid, with cool winters and short summers. Arkham has the highest levels of recorded rainfall per year in the entire continent. Arkham is known as the “Gloomy City” because of the frequent rain and fog that are commonplace around the city.

Arkham is an elegant, and sometimes dreary, city with stunning marble roads and architecture. The city is compact and efficient. It is built symmetrically around Arkham University, with the four main roads coming from the University relative to the positions of a compass (north, south, east, & west).


The city of Arkham has a population of roughly 38,000 people. Of those, a whopping 85% are human. 10% are halfling, 5% are elves & half-elves, with the remaining 5% listed as other, including dwarves.

Notable Places
  • The Bazaar
    The Bazaar is the main shopping and trade center in Arkham. It is located on the eastern side of Arkham, surrounding the local park.
  • Popular Taverns
    • The Grinning Girl
    • Courage Adjustment
    • The Pewter Mug
    • The Bearded Clam
    • Six Bulls Tavern & Inn
    • Beerhaus of the Glass Baron
Notable Organizations
  • Arkham Historical Society

Inns: 19
Blacksmiths: 48
Healers: 18
Weaponsmiths: 14
Armorers: 14
Bowyers: 18
Magic Shops: 20
Booksellers: 24
Merchants: 19
Leatherworkers: 35
Tailors: 82
Jewelers: 14
Cobblers: 77
Carpenters: 57
Masons: 41


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