Metropolis: Conventional/Magical; AL LN; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 136,670,000 gp;
Population 30,334; Mixed (73% human, 6% dwarf, 5% gnome, 5% halfling, 4% elf, 2% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 4% other).

The city of Bellasee is a large, mostly human city under the rule of the Kingdom of Bellasee. It is the capital of the kingdom, and the largest city in it. It is here that the ruler, King James Bellasee XIV, oversees his kingdom.


Bellasee Market

  • The marketplace is filled with people from all walks of life, buying, selling, haggling, arguing, browsing, and otherwise passing the day in commerce.
    • Notable Places: Dungeon-Mart, Manon’s Arms & Armor, The Stumbling Dwarf tavern

Cove Waterfront

  • Bellasee’s Waterfront stretches around the northern part of the city where King James Cove lies. The smell of fresh fish, rotten fish, fish on ice, and fried fish permeates the wharf district, along with the tang of sea air and hardworking, unwashed people. The buildings here are in relatively poor repair, and many of the shops are simple stalls or wagons.
    The waterfront district has larger docks to accommodate cargo ships. Guards and nobles are more common here, petty criminals less so, and the taverns are slightly cleaner.
    • Notable Places: Vahn’s Fish Emporium

Bellasee Castle

  • The Bellasee Castle is a large estate located within the walls of Bellasee in the north eastern point of the city. The estate grounds are meticulously kept and feature large gardens, luxurious fountains, hedge mazes, and the like, all leading up to a large stone castle. Here the Bellasee Family rules over their kingdom, from the throne hall within the castle’s walls.
Notable Organizations in Bellasee


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