Large City: Conventional; AL NG; 60,000 gp limit; Assets 56,040,000 gp; Population 19,680; Mixed (73% human, 6% elf, 5% dwarf, 5% halfling, 4% gnome, 2% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 4% other).

Cadence is a huge, port city in eastern Vivenvale. It is the capital of the Nation of Arcalloch.


Cadence is located on the eastern coast of Vivenvale, adjacent to Calpache Bay. The city is relatively temperate, and enjoys four distinct seasons. The land Cadence sits upon is itself very flat, with lush fields of flora, but is relatively treeless.


Though not common knowledge, the Kings of Borrowed Light operate in the city of Cadence.


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