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  • Aumyr
    Aumyr is a huge continent that spans three vastly different climates. The climate of Northern Aumyr is very cold, with desolate tundra covering the northern most parts. Middle Aumyr is home to some of the biggest forests and mountains in the entire world. Southern Aumyr is largely covered with dry and hot desert, but is the smallest of the three major climate zones in Aumyr.
  • Vivenvale
    A continent located in the Nycia Ocean with large mountain ranges and low plains. The middle and upper portions of the continent have colder climates, while the souther portion can be very warm. The continent has several nations and independent communities, and is mostly dominated by humans. Other races include dwarves, elves, halflings, orcs, goblins, trolls, Lupin, and Urskan.
  • Genosa
    A island continent with a subtropical climate with dry summers and wet winters. Genosa is surrounded by many smaller islands. It is a fairly isolated continent, located in the Nycia Ocean, with Vivenvale being it’s closest neighbor. Genosa is a mostly human controlled continent, with Dwarves and Halflings being the only other civilized peoples on the continent.
  • Kara-Tai
    A vast continent home to many countries and civilizations. The continent’s history is full of conflict and strife.
  • Renfall
    A massive, rugged continent with jungles, mountain ranges, and a huge, sprawling desert. Renfall is mostly uninhabited, due to the sheer vastness of the continent and the varied, harsh geography that permeates the land. That does not mean that it is totally uninhabited, however. Dwarves, humans, and elves all have a significant presence in the land.
  • Or’Mok
    A large, jungle island that is home to several tribes of Orks. The island is very isolated, to much relief of the rest of the world. The only other continent to feel the wrath of the inhabitants of Or’Mok is Genosa, which is the closest, but still distant, neighbor to the island.

Main Page

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