Timberfall is a city in north eastern Vivenvale. The city is ruled by a democratically elected Governor, and is not a part of any kingdom or nation.
|_. History|

Timberfall was originally under the rulership of the Fray Sovereignty from its foundation till The Sorrowful War, in which the Kingdom of Bellasee attempted to instigate rebellions in each out lying community against their tyrannical ruler. Timberfall, along with Oakshire and Frorvale, successfully revolted against their oppressors, but did not decide to join the Bellasee Kingdom as Oakshire did, preferring independence over rulership.


A good majority of Timberfall’s economy is driven by the local lumber trade, which is fueled by the thick forests of Arkwood Forest, which the city is built near. Most of Vivenvale’s lumberjacks and wood craftsmen live and actively practice their trade here. Because of this huge supply of lumber the town has, and the sheer number of professionals working, wood and wood products are cheaper here than they are anywhere else on the continent. One looking for a ship, raw lumber, or any other good that involves wood would probably find it worth the travel to Timberfall for the cheap prices.


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